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What To Consider When Deciding On Flooring Material in Singapore

Every once in a while, homeowners find it necessary to revamp their living spaces. Floors, furniture, and walls are just some of the things that require renovation. Not only do wall paint start chipping off, but floors also lose their shine.

Changing the flooring of your home or office will require you to hire a flooring contractor in Singapore. Flooring prices differ depending on the type of flooring you want to use and the quantity required. Other factors that influence the choice of flooring are the colour, texture, size, shape, design, and material used.

Need to install new flooring? Here are some of the most important considerations when purchasing flooring materials in Singapore.

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Consider the care and maintenance needed for the various types of flooring and select the one that suits you best. For instance, if you need kitchen tiles and toilet tiles, vinyl tiles might be the ideal choice due to their water-resistant characteristics.


The process of changing or installing flooring for the first time is a bit costly and therefore it is important to ensure that the flooring you select will be long-lasting. Surely, you do not want to purchase a type of flooring that will lead to costlier repairs in the future. Make sure that you select flooring that will be worth the amount and energy that you direct on the flooring project.

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Conduct a comprehensive research on the various types of flooring available in the market as well as their prices. Research on the average price charged by a flooring contractor in Singapore. Compare and contrast the prices you get from your research with your estimated budget. After this comparison, select the most suitable type of flooring within your budget range while at the same time considering the features you need.

Comfort & Lifestyle

Select flooring that will be comfortable to walk on and that will suit any type of weather. Make sure that the flooring will provide a comfortable landing on your feet and does not get cold during the rainy season.

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Lastly, also consider your own lifestyle and other safety aspects that you need to take note of. If you have small babies and toddlers at home, avoid installing slippery floors. Having carpeted floors might also not be ideal in houses with pets.

Planning any flooring work is both a time-consuming and tedious job, but the rest of the process should be a breeze once this initial stage is done properly.

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