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Flooring Tips for Your Ideal Home in Singapore

Flooring greatly impacts an area’s appearance, overall ambience, and even their functionality. There are several factors that determine the type of flooring that you select for home. Of course, this involves your budget, the level of activity that will be carried out in the area, and most importantly, your lifestyle.

There are various types of flooring available in the market, some of which are epoxy flooring, marble flooring, and vinyl flooring. At FloorCube flooring and tiling Singapore, we recommended only the best flooring with our range of quality services.

marble floor floorcube flooring tiling singapore

Are you looking to renovate or repair your flooring at home? Be sure to read up on important flooring tips to avoid common mistakes homeowners make, especially when working with flooring contractors in Singapore.


Your daily activities are mostly determined by the kind of lifestyle you live. Surely, shiny floors should be out of the question when you have children at home. This is because shiny floors tend to become extremely slippery when wet, which can then lead to falls and injuries.

Also, be mindful of the type of flooring you install when you have pets around. Carpet flooring might not be an ideal option as the material tend to collect dirt, loose particles, and even your pet’s fur.

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For areas with high foot traffic, consider installing resilient flooring like wood flooring, ceramic flooring, or vinyl flooring as they are less likely to be damaged by the constant impact. On the other hand, areas with minimal foot traffic can be made softer to walk on by having a rug or a carpet installed on top of the wood flooring.

Position of the Area

Consider the area that you want to install new flooring on. Places that are often occupied with people should be fitted with resilient flooring to endure the harsh impact of all the traffic.

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If the area happens to be at the entrance of a house or a building, be sure to add an additional element to make it stand out as well as to create a great initial impression to your visitors. Otherwise, areas that are likely to be affected by harsh weather such as too much sunlight or the occasional rainfall, long-lasting floorings like wood, tiles, or slate should be used.


Select a flooring type that lies within your budget, but also don’t forget to choose a material that is resilient, easy to maintain, and satisfies your specific flooring needs.

bamboo floor floorcube flooring tiling singapore

Environmental Friendliness

Select flooring that is not only aesthetically appealing but also environmentally friendly such as bamboo flooring, cork flooring, and recycled glass flooring.

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