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A Complete Guide To Tiling in Singapore

Tiling is one of the most commonly used methods of flooring in Singapore. There are many different types of floor tiles available in the market, and each differs from the other both in aesthetic and functionality

Tiles are used in various areas in commercial and residential areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and even in industrial facilities like office spaces. As most of you might know, tiles are also heavily used in the construction of swimming pools.

floor tiles floorcube flooring tiling singapore

Types of Tiles

Tiles come in different types depending on several aspects such as the material used in making them, their colour, and their general function. There are various materials that are used to make tiles such as granite tile, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, porcelain or homogeneous tile, and mosaic tile. In terms of functionality and usage, tiles can be classified into wall tiles, carpet tiles, and floor tiles. These tiles can be found in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, which can then be used as other ways to classify them.

What You Need To Know

Not all tilers are capable of efficiently laying tiles in your desired area. Hence, remember that it is essential for you to conduct diligent research to determine which tilers specialise in quality tiling services in Singapore. Only contact tilers who have relevant experience and have a portfolio to show.

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There are tiling experts who specialise in underwater tile repair services while there are others who are more familiar with marble fixing and restoration. There are also others who have more experience in mosaic tile placement.

Laying of tiles is not only considered an artistic process, but also requires the skills and expertise of an experienced tiler – whether the work is done in a residential or an industrial area. Placing tiles on walls or floors such as those in small domestic projects might require only one or a couple of tiling experts. On the other hand, industrial projects tend to need greater work volume with even perhaps a group of three or more tilers.

The Process of Laying Tiles

Tilers undergo comprehensive and thorough training to ensure that they are equipped with all the steps involved in the tiling process.

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Here are the series of steps that tilers should undertake when completing a tiling job:

  • Your tiler should first determine the quantity of adhesive and tiles that are needed for the project. This can be done by measuring the area of where the tiles will be placed. These calculations should be as accurate as possible as any errors would incur unwanted extra costs.
  • Ensure that the tiles that are going to be used are reshaped and resized so they can fit in the respective areas of the project.
  • These tiles should then be placed in the desired areas to check that they all fit accurately.
  • If your desired area happens to require any repair work, the tiler should ensure that the surface is smooth and sturdy enough for tiling work to be done.
  • After preparing the area of placement, an adhesive is used to ensure that the surface is leveled out, after which the tiles are held in place.
  • The spaces in between the tiles are then filled with grout after the adhesive is completely dry.
  • Cleaning is then done to remove any marks or stains made by the adhesive or grout.

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