8 Tips on Choosing the Right Vinyl Flooring for Installation in Singapore

When it comes to choosing the right vinyl flooring for installation in Singapore, there are several factors to consider. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice among homeowners and businesses due to its durability, easy maintenance, and wide range of design options. Vinyl flooring installation can make a significant difference in the overall appearance and functionality of the space, whether you are renovating your home or setting up a new office space, selecting the right. In this article, we will provide you with eight essential tips to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right vinyl flooring for installation in Singapore.

Assess Your Needs and Lifestyle

Before diving into the world of vinyl flooring options, it is crucial to assess your needs and lifestyle. Consider the foot traffic in the area where the vinyl flooring will be installed. If it is a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or a commercial space, you will need a more durable and resilient type of vinyl flooring. On the other hand, if it is a low-traffic area, such as a bedroom or a home office, you can opt for a less heavy-duty vinyl flooring option. Additionally, think about your lifestyle and the activities that will take place in the area. One of the benefits of vinyl flooring installation is that it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. If you have pets or young children, for instance, you may want to choose vinyl flooring. 


Explore Different Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are different types of vinyl flooring, each with its unique features and benefits. Familiarize yourself with the different types of vinyl flooring to make an informed decision. The three main types of vinyl flooring are sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl plank, and vinyl tiles.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is a continuous roll of vinyl that is typically installed in large areas without seams. It is an excellent type of flooring for spaces where moisture may be present, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, as it is resistant to water. Sheet vinyl flooring is also known for its affordability and easy installation process.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank flooring mimics the look of hardwood flooring, making it a popular choice for those who want the aesthetic appeal of wood without the maintenance requirements. It comes in various plank sizes and can be installed in a floating or glued-down method. Vinyl plank flooring is highly durable and resistant to scratches and stains. This makes it suitable for applying maintenance and cleaning tips for vinyl flooring on your own.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are individual tiles that can be installed in various patterns, allowing for endless design possibilities. They are available in different sizes and can resemble various materials, such as stone or ceramic tiles. Vinyl tiles are relatively easy to install and replace, making them an excellent option for ease of vinyl floor replacement or vinyl floor repair.


Assess Vinyl Flooring Installation Methods

Apart from the type of vinyl flooring, it is essential to consider the installation method. There are two primary installation methods for vinyl flooring projects: glue-down and floating.

Glue-Down Installation Method


Glue-down installation involves applying adhesive to the subfloor and then placing the vinyl flooring directly onto it. This method provides a more permanent and secure installation, making it suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic. The glue-down installation also offers better resistance to moisture and is less likely to shift or move over time.

Floating Installation Method


One of the common misconceptions about vinyl floor installation is that it is always difficult to do without professional help. However, floating installation does not require adhesive, is relatively easy to install, and can be done as a DIY project. Instead, the vinyl flooring is installed over an underlayment or padding. The individual tiles or planks interlock with each other, creating a floating floor. It is a suitable option for areas where moisture is a concern and allows for flexibility in case of future flooring changes.


Consider Durability and Thickness


Durability and thickness are crucial factors to consider when installing your vinyl flooring. It is important to decide on these factors depending on your specific needs. The durability of vinyl flooring is determined by its wear layer, which is a protective coating that resists scratches, stains, and fading. The thicker the wear layer, the more durable the vinyl flooring will be. For high-traffic areas, it is recommended to choose vinyl flooring with a thicker wear layer to ensure longevity.

Additionally, consider the overall thickness of the vinyl flooring. Thicker vinyl flooring tends to provide better sound insulation and a more comfortable underfoot feel. However, a common mistake you should avoid during DIY vinyl flooring installation is not doing additional preparation for the subfloor. This is especially true for thicker vinyl flooring, which may also be more challenging to install in areas with existing doors and transitions.


Evaluate Style and Design Choices


When comparing vinyl flooring vs parquet flooring for purchase, one often cites the advantage of parquet flooring as its aesthetics. However, it’s essential to note that vinyl flooring also boasts a broad range of style and design options, enabling you to discover the ideal fit for your space. Take into account the overall aesthetic of the room and select vinyl flooring that harmonizes with the existing decor. Whether your preference leans toward a classic, timeless appearance or a more contemporary and fashionable design, rest assured there is a vinyl flooring option to accommodate every style.

Furthermore, pay attention to the patterns, colors, and textures available in vinyl flooring. Some vinyl flooring options mimic the look of natural materials, such as wood or stone, while others offer bold and vibrant patterns. Take the time to explore different design choices. This allows you to visualize how they will enhance the overall ambiance of the space. 


Budget the Flooring Project


One of the things to consider when deciding on flooring material is the budget you have set for the project. An advantage of vinyl flooring is its availability at various price points, depending on the quality, brand, and design. Determine how much you are willing to spend on the flooring project and consider the long-term value and durability of the vinyl flooring you choose.

Keep in mind that higher-quality vinyl flooring may have a higher upfront cost but can save you money in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, there are affordable vinyl flooring options available that still offer quality and style.


Exploring Additional Features

In addition to its basic features, another thing you need to know about vinyl flooring is the several additional features it can have. Some vinyl flooring options come with built-in underlayment, which provides added comfort and sound insulation. Others may have antimicrobial properties, making them ideal for areas prone to moisture or bacteria growth. Explore these additional features and determine which ones are essential for your specific needs and preferences.


Opting for Reputable Brands

One of the most important flooring tips for your ideal home is to opt for reputable brands. Reputable brands have a proven track record of delivering high-quality and durable vinyl flooring options. They often offer warranties that provide peace of mind and assurance of the product’s performance. Research and compare different brands, read customer reviews, and choose a brand that is known for its reliability and customer satisfaction.


Contact FloorCube Singapore for Professional Vinyl Floor Installation Services

Once you have chosen the right vinyl flooring for your space, it is crucial to ensure professional installation. Improper installation can lead to issues such as uneven surfaces, gaps, or premature wear and tear. Contact FloorCube Singapore for professional vinyl floor installation services. Our team of experienced installers will ensure that your vinyl flooring is installed correctly, providing you with a beautiful and long-lasting result.



There are several reasons why you need to get flooring done in Singapore; one of which is that professionals know different types of vinyl flooring. However, if you opt to choose by yourself, this requires careful consideration of your needs, lifestyle, and design preferences. Assessing the type of vinyl flooring, installation method, durability, style, and budget will help you make an informed decision. By following these eight tips, you can confidently select the perfect vinyl flooring option that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space. Remember to opt for reputable brands and seek professional services for the best results.


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